Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I misplace or lose my ABC Card?

If your Abc card was issued before February 1, 2018, please contact the TABC help desk at 615-532-2297 or email

If you have passed the class and completed your application or have misplaced or lost your ABC Card, you can log into your RLPS system and perform the following steps to print your permit.
• Log onto
• Select My Records
• Underneath the title RLPS ID, select the option that begins with (PERSER-***-******)
• Look underneath Record Details
• Select Print or View: License/Permit/Certificate (make sure you’re pop up blocker is turned off)
• A New window will open with your permit. At this point you are now able to print your permit to give to 
 your employer.

Is there a grace period for obtaining a card?

There is a sixty-one (61) day grace period from date of hire or a promotion from a non-serving position to a serving position (example – host to server). If you already have an ABC card and your card is about to expire, you must obtain a new permit before your old one expires, there is no grace period for servers who already possess an ABC Card.. If you have worked at an alcohol establishment in your 61 day grace period, you do not get a new grace period if you move to a new establishment.

How do I pay?

If taking an in person class the option to pay in cash or with a card is available in most areas.  Trainers do not accept personal checks.  Please contact your trainer for payment options.  For online classes, courses can be purchased individually or in bulk. Most major credit cards are accepted for online payment.

Notice: Do not forget to bring your RLPS # so the trainer can report your score to the TABC.

What is the ABC?

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission is responsible for the enforcement and regulation of all phases of liquor by the drink in most states.

What is A Server Permit/ABC Card?
The ABC Permit is what you need to serve alcohol at any liquor-by-the-drink establishment in most states. Your establishment must have a physical copy to present at the time of any inspection by the TABC. The server permit is issued electronically through the RLPS account.
How do I acquire my ABC Server Permit?

Step 1: Complete the RLPS application at You will pay a $20 fee online.

Step 2: Register for an online Abc class or in person Abc class at

Can I take an Online Course?
Yes you can. Tennessee approved online courses on March 15, 2019. They are the same length of time as an in person course. You can download our app in the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store and take the class right from your phone. You can also access the online Abc Class from any browser, stop and go as you please. The class will record your progress at the place you stopped. Aim To Serve is an accredited online course for the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Who do I contact if I do not receive my Abc permit?
The TABC help desk: Call 615-532-2297 or 615-741-1602 or email
Do I get my Abc card the day I take the course?
No, all training programs have to submit your RLPS # and grade to the TABC. For Aim To Serve, we submit grades daily, except on weekends and major holidays. Those classes will be submitted the next business day.
What is the application fee for my Server Permit?

The application fee is $20 and is non-refundable.

My RLPS says I am approved but their is no Abc permit visible. What do I do?
contact the TABC help desk line at 615-532-2297 or 615-741-1602 or email
What is the RLPS Number?

The RLPS Number is a record number given to the applicant after a Server Permit Application has been completed and paid for to the TABC. AIM to Serve uses this number to identify the student and attaches this RLPS number to the students final grade.

How do I get my RLPS Number?
To obtain your RLPS number you must apply and pay for your server permit application through the TABC’s Regulatory Licensing Permit System. Click here to start your application:
Is it required for me to have a copy of my Abc card with me?
Your establishment must have a copy of your Abc card for inspections. Your certificate of completion is NOT your Abc card and will not substitute for your Abc permit. It is good practice to have a copy your Abc card on you in case your establishment misplaces their copy.
What is the Certificate of Completion and can I use until I receive my Abc permit?

The Certificate of Completion is required to be issued by the Server Training Program in the State of Tennessee. However, it does NOT substitute for your actual Abc permit. You are not eligible to work until you receive your official permit issued by the TABC.

How long does my certification last?

Server Permit valid for 5 years. Wine Vender Clerk valid for one year. Designated manager permit valid for 5 years (updated rules and regs course required each year for the designated manager).

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