Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program: Promoting Safe and Responsible Alcohol Sales

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In recent years, the state of Tennessee has been taking proactive steps to ensure responsible alcohol sales and consumption. One such initiative is the Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program. This program is designed to promote safe and responsible practices within the wine industry, ultimately aiming to reduce alcohol-related issues and protect the well-being of both consumers and businesses. In this blog, we will explore the Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program and its significance in fostering a culture of responsible alcohol sales and service.


The Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program: An Overview

The Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program is a mandatory training program for individuals and  retail food store, retail package store, or winery involved in the sale and service of wine. It is administered by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and is part of the broader effort to ensure responsible alcohol service across the state.

Key Objectives of the Program:

Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: One of the primary goals of the program is to reduce alcohol-related problems, such as underage drinking and overconsumption. By educating vendors and staff, the program aims to create a safer environment for both patrons and the community.

Enhancing Vendor Knowledge: The program provides comprehensive training and resources to wine vendors and their employees. This education covers a range of topics, including responsible service, identifying fake IDs, and understanding the effects of alcohol on individuals.

Ensuring Legal Compliance: Participants in the program are educated on Tennessee’s alcohol laws and regulations. This knowledge helps vendors avoid legal issues related to the sale of wine.

Promoting Accountability: By fostering a culture of responsibility, the program encourages vendors to take an active role in preventing alcohol-related incidents. This includes not only checking IDs but also recognizing signs of intoxication and refusing service when necessary.


Benefits of Participation

For wine vendors and their staff, participating in the Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program offers several significant benefits:

Reduced Liability: By demonstrating a commitment to responsible alcohol service, vendors can reduce their liability in case of alcohol-related incidents. This can protect their business from legal and financial consequences.

Enhanced Reputation: Consumers are increasingly concerned about responsible alcohol sales. Participating in the program can improve a vendor’s reputation, attracting more responsible patrons and enhancing customer loyalty.

Improved Safety: Training helps vendors, and their employees recognize signs of intoxication and effectively manage difficult situations, making their establishments safer for everyone.

Compliance: Vendors who complete the program are better equipped to navigate Tennessee’s alcohol laws and regulations, reducing the risk of compliance violations.


How to Participate


Participation in the Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program is straightforward:

Contact the TABC: Reach out to the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission to express your interest in the program.

Attend Training: Vendors and their staff are required to attend training sessions conducted by TABC-approved training program. These sessions cover essential topics related to responsible alcohol sales, preventing alcohol sales to minors, recognizing and dealing with intoxicated patrons. Responsible wine vendors must ensure that all certified clerks obtain the required responsible wine vendor training. Certification is valid for one (1) year and is renewable annually. Responsible wine vendor certification is completed at license application or renewal. Managers are also required to obtain a responsible vendor clerk training as well in addition to the Responsible Vendor Training, one manager is required to have a designated manager training with an approved vendor.  This manager’s permit allows an individual to operate, supervise, or manage the retail sales of alcoholic beverages or wine at a retail package store or serve as a designated manager at a retail food store. Retail package store managers and retail food store designated managers must obtain a manager’s permit from the TABC. This permit is good for 5 years, however, the manager must retake the Designated Manager course and Responsible Vendor Clerk class each year to stay in active status.

Pass the Exam: After completing the training, participants must pass an exam to demonstrate their knowledge of responsible wine service.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, vendors and their employees receive certification as responsible wine vendors. Each clerk is added to a clerk list for that particular location. If a clerk works at two or more locations, he must be added to both clerks list.  This must be updated every 30 days through the TABC as well as the removal of any clerks who are no longer employed or have changed locations.

Conclusion: The Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor Program plays a vital role in promoting safe and responsible alcohol sales and service within the state. Aim To Serve is a vendor for the Responsible Wine Vendor Program as well as the Designated Manager Program. It has been certified by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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