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So you want to become certified in alcohol service? Great! We’re here for you.

ABC Permits server training has you covered with both online and in person courses available. Learn about the different types and acceptable quantities of alcohol to consume, how to spot fake IDs, and responsible alcohol service practices. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to receive your alcohol beverage certification “ABC” card.

Overview of ABC Responsible Alcohol Server Training

ABC Responsible Alcohol Server Training is a program that provides education and training to alcohol servers and their employers. The program is designed to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related problems, such as drunk driving and alcohol-related injuries and deaths. The program is also designed to help alcohol servers comply with state and local laws governing the sale and service of alcohol.

The program basically consists of two parts: an online course and the certification exam. The online course is available in English. It covers topics such as the effects of alcohol, responsible alcohol service, and state and local laws. The hands-on classroom training session is available in English and Spanish (in select locations). It covers topics such as checking IDs, refusing service, and handling difficult customers.

Types of ABC Server Training

There are two main types of ABC server training: Online and In Person Classrooms. 

Online training is done on a computer, tablet or an easy to use app on your phone, and allows you to start and stop your safe alcohol service training without the need for extra hardware or software. 

In person classroom training, on the other hand, is done live and in person with a certified instructor.

How to get your alcohol beverage certification card

In order to become certified to sell alcohol beverages in most states, you must complete an alcohol beverage service training program and receive and official certification card from the state. ABC server training certification is a class that covers topics such on the responsible service of alcohol, and any provider of these courses should be approved by your state alcohol and beverage commission just as is! 

Once you have completed the requirements for your ABC certification card, you will be able to serve and/or sell alcohol beverages in restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and other places that sell alcohol depending on the specific course you chose to take for your job. The certification card will not stay valid forever so check with your state’s laws for how often you need to re-certify.

Benefits of ABC Alcohol Server Training

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, 10,445 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for 28 percent of all traffic fatalities. That’s one person killed every 48 minutes in 2017. In most states, the law requires that servers and sellers of alcohol complete an alcohol server training program. ABC Alcohol Server Training can help servers and sellers understand their responsibilities under the law, and how to refuse service to intoxicated customers. ABC Alcohol Server Training can also help servers and sellers spot the signs of intoxication and prevent drunk driving.

Find The Right Online ABC Training for You

Train on the go with ABC Permits responsible alcohol seller & server training courses.

Online courses are informative, mobile-friendly, & engaging.

Stop & start training from anywhere, anytime as you wish.

Find The Right Classroom ABC Training for You

These courses allow you to obtain ABC training with live interactive sessions.

View our classroom training schedules & register for your ABC course today by clicking the button below.


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