FAQ about your Server Permit or ABC Card

What do I do if I misplace or lose my ABC Card?

This is a common issue. Servers do not realize that the original copy that they gave to their employer is their property not the employers. The employer only needs a copy of the abc card(server permit). It is alright to make several copies so that you always have one on hand, also you can take a picture with your phone so you will always have a copy with you, especially if you work at multiple establishments. To obtain a new copy, you will need a $10 money order (the state does not accept cash or personal checks, or credit cards). Your local TABC offices are listed below:

(Click on the address for a map link)

Is there a grace period for obtaining a card?

There is a sixty-one (61) day grace period from date of hire or a promotion from a non-serving position to a serving position (example - host to server). If you already have an ABC card and your card is about to expire, you must obtain a new permit before your old one expires with no grace period.

How do I pay?

ABC Permit trainers typically only accepts cash and company checks and do not accept personal checks. Some trainers are accepting major credit cards, however you will need to check with your trainer once you sign up for a class.

What is the ABC?

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission is responsible for the enforcement and regulation of all phases of liquor by the drink in most states.

What is A Server Permit/ABC Card?

The abc card is what you need to serve alcohol at any liquor-by-the-drink establishment in most states. A 5 hour instructional class is required by law to obtain this card. In this class you will learn alcohol awareness, the proper techniques for prevention and carding, and proper intervention. This also keeps you up to date on any changes in the laws on service of alcohol.

How do I acquire my ABC Server Permit?

Sign up for one of our certified classes here. Show up 15 minutes early to class to fill out paperwork along with your I.D. and your money to pay for the class. If you would like to bring extra money for food during breaks, please plan accordingly. Pass the server permit class, fill out the application, and any additional paperwork required. The application has to be notarized before going to the TABC office. There are two ways to get your abc card. You can have the trainer pick up your card for you at no additional charge, or if you are in a hurry you can pick up your server permit yourself at one of the offices listed above.